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Popular projects I have worked upon

Dropified App

Helps in automating drop shipping operations e.g order fulfillment, product import, order details export etc.

Check Dropified's Demo video
Aliextractor App

Dropshipper use aliextractor to hunt best selling products, make analytical decisions based on reviews, earn cashback

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Asinspector App

Asinspector is like step brother of aliextractor, Has almost the same features but it works for amazon.

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Aliexpress Image Downloader
Aliexpress Image Downloader App

Downloads aliexpress product images with one click, you can use these images to for your shopify stores.

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Aliexpress Reviews Downloader
Aliexpress Reviewes Downloader App

Download aliexpress product reviews for your store,smart buyers want to know how other buyers have rated products they purchase. Instead of starting from scratch, you can import reviews directly from the vendor.

Check Review Downloader's Demo video
Aliexpress Captcha Solver
Aliexpress Captcha Solver App

Solves aliexpress captchas automatically for you. Whenever you purchase products on AliExpress to drop ship, they make you solve a Captcha prompt - for EVERY. SINGLE. PURCHASE.

Check Captcha Solver's Demo video
Aliexpress ePacket Indicator
Aliexpress ePacket Indicator App

While surfing through aliexpress, this app indicates which products have ePacket delivery enabeled to them on the listing page without you going to the actual product page

Check ePacket Indicator's Demo video

CouponFollow tracks coupons codes from online merchants to help consumers save money. The coupons are applied while you are on your checkout page with just one click of a button

Best Price
Best Price App

helps you in applying coupons on different ecommerce store while you are about to checkout, it also helps you find cheaper products being sold on different ecommerce stores.